NS1 @ Velocity San Jose.


We had a fun week in San Jose, and hope you did too! If you didn't get a chance to stop by our booth or sit in one of our sessions, or if you just wanted more information about what next-generation DNS can do for you, keep scrolling!


Observability of Team Health: Deciphering and Reacting to Organizational Feedback  

As managers, the feedback we receive and behaviors we observe allow us to build up and calibrate our own versions of alerts. We source root causes of problems and pivot our plans to redirect and galvanize our engineering efforts. The engineers on our teams are inherent sources of truth. Our best managers read their teams, and our best engineers share insights from the front lines.  

Renee Orser explained how to monitor the human networks within your engineering teams using models similar to your distributed technology systems as she walks you through how NS1 monitors and alerts on stresses and constraints within its distributed and dynamic engineering organization.

Gaining Efficiency with Time Series in ELK 

Elasticsearch is a highly scalable NoSQL document store specifically leveraging Lucene indexes in order to allow for deep data introspection. Elasticsearch is already the de facto system to use for log analysis but has recently branched out into time series data manipulation and analysis. 

Christian Saide explained how NS1 was able to reduce infrastructure, maintenance, and operational costs while simultaneously increasing throughput and visibility of key metrics by leveraging Elasticsearch as a time series database.

Christian Saide Senior DevOps Engineer @ NS1

Rebuilding the Airplane in Flight...Safely 

In 2017, NS1 embarked on a ground-up rewrite of its advanced DNS server software. This required significant research, planning, and execution time—over a year in total. Shannon Weyrick detailed the various challenges NS1 encountered and key points the company had to consider to successfully engineer and deploy across its global managed DNS network with no negative impact or downtime to our customers.

Shannon Weyrick VP of Architecture @ NS1

Performance Debugging: Finding Bottlenecks in Distributed Systems 

Performance debugging is a crucial part of ensuring code is production ready, particularly as a company and its products grow. Debugging bottlenecks that prevent existing software from performing optimally can open up a business’s system to scale and handle more usage. However, most of the battle in the debugging process is in identifying the bottlenecks rather than fixing them.

Christian Grabowski shared his experience debugging bottlenecks in distributed systems, at both a macro (metrics, distributed tracing) and a micro (user space and kernel space profiling) level, focusing particularly on tuning REST API services to handle databases that had doubled in size in a matter of a day and taming a resource-hungry, high-throughput metrics ingestion service.

Christian Grabowski Backend Engineer @ NS1





Pulsar is the only RUM steering solution that is integrated with authoritative DNS. What does that mean to you? Simple. Boost application performance and reliability without redirecting queries to a separately-managed third-party platform. It’s all natively integrated into NS1’s Managed DNS.

Become a DNS master without breaking a sweat.

They say the best things in life are free. Our newly launched NS1.academy is brought to you by our team of IT experts who live and breathe DNS every day. We’ve crafted an interactive eLearning experience to take you through DNS basics, advanced DNS functionality, DNSSEC and more - free for all learners! Click below to get started, and don't forget stop by our booth to learn more from our team.

Meet the Instructors

CARL LEVINE Senior Technical Evangelist

JONATHAN LEWIS VP, Product Marketing

DEVIN BERNOSKY Lead Solutions Engineer

JAMES MCCARTHY Director, Solutions Engineering

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